Our Approach

Our approach is base on active listening, creating solutions that are functional and creative, and comprehensive project management from conception to completion to produce a custom architecture expressed through sustainable materials and an impeccable level of construction quality and detail.

Round Table Approach

Our proactive approach is consistent with that of a “round table” around which all parties are invited to take a leading role in the dialogue and the implementation process of the project. At the heart of this approach is active listening, creative solutions, detailed research in what is best and comprehensive project management from conception to completion. This produces a sharp custom architecture expressed through sustainable materials and a high level of construction details. We believe that contextual, functional and elegant architecture, in line with social and economic issues, the cultural and ecological heritage, contributes to the regeneration of our towns and cities in Canada and around the world.

Our Story

Started as a small office by Charles-Bernard Gagnon in 2006 under the name Charles-Bernard Gagnon Building Workshop, the firm moved to Québec City in 2008 to better focus on current projects located in the region under the new name, CGBWstudio. The philosophy of the company and its commitment to offer a professional service at all stages of the process makes it stand out in the competitive market in Québec City as well as build a profile of innovative residential and commercial projects. In 2013, the team opted for a name that more represents who we are: CARGO architecture.

Sustainable Design

CARGO architecture works with Canadian organizations such as the Green Building Council of Canada (LEED), Natural Resources Canada and FPInnovations to promote the use of timber in commercial buildings. Thus, we strive to create buildings for living, working, and healthy recreation while contributing to sustainable communities. Several projects are under development and others currently in construction.


CARGO Architecture is a strong image and beautiful analogy that reflects how our practice is a transport of knowledge. It is about the movement of ideas in one common, innovative direction. The modern ship is also a powerful symbol; it is a system in which every detail counts, in which every piece works in unison together. The concept of CARGO also pays respect to timing, a determining factor contributing to the success of a project. We believe that these themes skillfully convey our perfectionism and our hearts to the work.