Villa Adirondack

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Design of a lake house in Lake Placid, USA.

To construct a retreat location that takes full advantage of the stunning environment of Lake Placid, the Cargo Architecture team was given the mandate to design a residence using the latest technology in structural systems: cross-laminated timber (CLT). This structural system, still in its early days in North America, can be compared to over-sized plywood panels replacing the traditional wall studs structure with a single piece of wood. Cargo Architecture’s expertise in the field has led to the development of innovative constructive methods that take full advantage of this revolutionary system.

The rigor of the constructive system is reflected in an efficient, convivial and tidy interior layout, incorporating a multitude of spaces for families and guests. All the rooms are fully opened to the Lake Placid lake and are connected one to another to convey the lake house communal spirit.

The contemporary shape along with the the local and natural materials are a reinterpretation of the traditional Adirondack style residence.

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Lake Placid, USA

Design Team

Charles-Bernard Gagnon, Gabriel Morissette, Nicolas Harvey, Guillaume Dion-Marin, Jean-Philipe Lavoie