Main objective

To give an intrinsic plus-value to our project within the budgetary targets set with our client.

Our tools

Rigorous methods for quality research in all aspects, a creative team that works to be the best on a daily basis, the effectiveness of our construction solutions and the dynamic relationships we maintain with other professionnals, from the beginning stages to the finished product.

Professionnal services
in architectural design

We offer a wide range of services in architecture through a proactive, integrated and collaborative approach. Our intention is to work closely with our clients from the preliminary design phases to the finished product.

    Space programming, diagrams and mapping

    Code analysis and regulatory compliance

    Upgradings to industry standards

    Locations studies, environmental studies, energy conservation studies and others

    Architectural project design

    Landscaping and engineering design

    Detailed plans and specifications for construction drawings, according to high quality standards

    Global and collaborative coordination

    Service et gestion durant la construction

   Additional services

Professionnal services
in interior design

Our furniture design are inspired from elegant, yet functional and sustainable design. We have extensive knowledge of manufacturing techniques and materials.

   Active listening and understanding of client’s needs and tastes

    Analysis of different layouts options

    Conception of built-in furniture

    Detailed plans and specifications for construction drawings of built-in furniture

    Preparation and evaluation of bids

    On-site coordination and fabrication drawings verification

    Quality control

    Selection of furniture and other objects or materials

    Design of integrated signaling

    Additionnal services